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CSU Los Angeles’ Program in Medical Billing and Coding equips students to understand how to code health care services for third party insurance reimbursement, an extremely fast -growing career in today’s economy. Among the many health care practices that depend on proper coding and billing are physician practices, hospitals, pharmacies, long-term care facilities, chiropractic practices, and physical therapy providers. Job prospects remain good in this area of health-care practice because of the prevalence of “managed care,” and because insurance companies and the government are vitally interested in controlling claims’ fraud and mitigating abusive billing practices.

Additionally, students can take up medical billing coding training programs which are available in plenty at allied health care institutes and vocational schools. These training programs are usually for a period of nine months and certification is given if you attend the classes completely. Certain two-year medical billing colleges also offer programs of medical coding and billing which can be culminated into an associate degree. Students who want to take up medical billing and coding as a full-time job after the completion of their education can also take up certified and registered online medical billing and coding programs.

This program begins with an overview of coding and billing for hospital services. The first course is focused specifically on outpatient coding and billing. The second course covers coding and billing for inpatient services. Students will further develop proficiency in basic coding and billing skills while expanding knowledge of technical services in coding and billing, as well as gain insight into guidelines and principles for facility inpatient and outpatient coding and billing, including assigning ICD-9-CM and ICD-10 diagnostic codes, ICD-9-CM procedure codes, and CPT & HCPCS procedure codes in multiple inpatient and outpatient settings.

Certificate of Proficiency in Medical Billing and Coding is a 45-credit-hour program that prepares students for entry-level positions as Medical Billing Specialists, Medical Coders, Claims Examiners, Healthcare Reimbursement Specialists and Health Insurance Specialists. Students will learn Diagnosis and Procedure coding standards and processes and will prepare for the American Health Information Management Association, CCS (Certified Coding Specialist) and CCA (Certified Coding Associate) certifications and the HRS (Healthcare Reimbursement Specialist) credential offered by the National Electronic Billers Alliance (NEBA). The certificate program complies with the American Health Information Management Association’s Coding Education Curriculum Guidelines and provides students the foundation to pursue additional study in Health Information Technology.

There are plenty of administrative jobs available in the health care sector apart from the numerous medical positions. One of the most sought after administrative position in medical field is the post of a medical biller and coder. Although, there is a slight difference between the job of a medical coder and a medical billing clerk, most often they are combined due to the similarities in their scope of work. The profession of medical billing and coding is an important position in any physician’s office of a medical organization. The two occupations are complementary but many individuals combine it into a single career.

The best medical billing and coding schools should provide up-to-date technological facilities and access to the most current medical billing and coding software in use at most hospitals and clinics. If you plan to study on campus, prioritize schools that have up-to-date computers and software versions in the computer lab, as well as dedicated lab assistants to help you master the computer skills you will need to be competitive. For online programs, you should be provided with medical billing and coding software you can install on your home computer. Before enrolling, make sure your home computer meets the minimal requirements for installing any necessary software for the program.

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